We all know the difficult facing while moving large things in containers and other modes for industrial purposes. Unicorn movers provide the best Industrial packing in Abu Dhabi. However there are different ways of industrial packaging is there and we have handful expertise in those areas. Promising the best service and reliability from the company makes unicorn movers the top and leading industrial packaging company in Abu Dhabi. Sit back and relax we assure hassle free movement of your valuables. Understanding the importance of Industrial packaging and providing the best ever service for that is our motto to success.

Industrial packing done for ship for ease movement in Abu Dhabi

Shrink Wrap Solutions

Unicorn Movers now offers Shrink wraps, the world leader in quality heavy duty shrink wrap i.e. the best solution for transportation and storage for almost any product. Shrink’s premium shrink wrap offers complete protection against weather damage and is manufactured with 100% virgin resin to ensure reliable mil thickness (lower quality shrink wrap allows more holes & weak spots) as well as maximum UV inhibitors (UV rays weaken the shrink wrap and without sufficient inhibitors it won’t last long) to produce a long lasting cover of 12 months and more.

Vacuum Packaging

Vacuum packaging reduces atmospheric oxygen inside the package resulting in superior shield against moisture, dirt, dust, salt and damaging effects of sunlight etc. thereby providing an excellent barrier against damages caused by atmospheric obstruction especially oxidizing and corrosion.

Vacuum industrial packaging done on an object by unicorn movers
Wooden industrial packaging for shipping containers in unicorn movers Abu Dhabi

Wooden Packaging

Unicorn Movers provides a wide range of timber wood packing solutions, right from small packets/boxes/ crates to huge shipping containers. The boxes can be designed for multiple handling with cranes, forklifts, trolley etc. and can be manufactured from different type of plywood, wood, and OSB etc… with heat treatment and fumigation as per the specific need of the customer. Unicorn Movers offers a wide range of green packing solutions.