Long-standing inactive and present active data & document storage is a challenge in this corporate world like MNCs, large, SMEs & Small organizations, all are facing the same issue, especially those companies are located in prominent areas where space management will be a strategic issue. Here we Unicorn-digital have the solution, Unicorn-digital provides various services with secured, reliable, confidential, accessible Document Management Solution both physical and virtual storage, easy retrieval facility in a cost-effective manner.


How it Works

Unicorn-digital dedicated team with tailormade Document Storage Solution helps you to find best suitable solution for secured, reliable, simple procedures without disturbing day to day business activities

Trained Valuation & Filling – Unicorn-digital professionally trained and experienced crew will identify, sort, classify, pack, fix barcode and index your Valuable Document and Files into Unicorn-digital provided boxes

Smooth Collection & Storage – Your Valuable Documents and Files are collected Securely and transported into Unicorn-digital safe storage and it will be sequenced with unified ID/description and seized in Unicorn-digital database

Easy Retrieval – Unicorn-digital offering both Electronic and Physical retrieval of your valuable data at any point of time. Where we will provide your documents by email, or any other electronic form as per customer connivance to the authorized person (Remove “only”). More, where the customer needs documents in physical form, Unicorn-digital team will manage to send the required documents within a day of the office hours after a written request from the authorized person

Confidential Destruction & Disposal- Unicorn-digital Expert team will manage your retention period and advise you at what time Documents and Files get obsolete and become due for destruction



Secured Documentation – Unicorn-digital’s global standard facilities and dedicated Record and Document Management centres with 24/7 security, motion detectors, CCTV, access control moreover Unicorn-digital proactive crew members prevention measures supported by strong infrastructure, real-time linkage with civil defence departments and fire and safety systems

Improved Efficiency – No need of finding additional space for long-standing old documents files, secure from misplacing, missing, keeping obsoleted documents for the uncertain period and time-saving for retrieval from unorganized data

Keeping Confidentiality – Customers Valuable documents and Files in storage are kept confidentially through Unicorn-DIGITAL’s barcoding system and racked accordingly. Document Loacker System. Customers who look for a high level of confidential and own storage facility, we provide Documents Locker System where they can avail exclusive storage for their own with customizable space

Cost-effective – Unicorn-DIGITAL’s Data Management & Storage will help to reduce overheads or additional capital requirements for building or establishing your own facility to keep and manage documents and data.


Document Scanning and Data Storage

Now a day’s corporate world swift from paper-based documents to a digital form and it is not an innovation but a reality and it is a vital step for every business to survive. We have designed our Document Scanning & Data Storage solution based on our rich experience in the documents management industry to help each organization and face these challenges.

Unicorn-DIGITAL’s Document Scanning & Data Storage solution take care of all aspects of paper-based processes of every industry into a digital form where we ensure efficient document management, real-time retrieval of digital documents, and integration to any database form. We also offer your digitized data linkage to every process and workflow while securing it in one Centralized server, it enhances your productivity and improves the accessibility of your records by transforming into a paperless, safe and secure virtual world

How it Works

Unicorn-digital team will manage the collection of long-standing inactive documents from customer points, prepare, scan and make a database, send a copy into the customer in various electronic storage forms as per customer priority and keep one copy with Unicorn-digital.

Paper documents remain safe store with Unicorn-digital till the completion of the retention period and then confidential destruction or return back as per the agreement with the client.


Benefit of digitize your data

Promote Systematic filing method, effortless documents handling Effective control on loss of records or messy distribution of information Reduced time consumption and improved efficiency in retrieving scanned and digitalized paper-based information
Control on unauthorized access to sensitive information



Unicorn-DIGITAL’s Document Scanning & Data Storage Solution includes data preparation, scanning, coding, and then keeping in various database storage as per customer requirement, and make easy retrieval of data.